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IDEE sp. j. – Security systems, automation, and digital document workflow

About us

To date, IDEE has been present on the Polish market for over a quarter of a century. It was August during
which our entire team celebrated company’s 25th jubilee.
Shortly after IDEE’s establishment we decided to aim for office solutions by focusing on selling and
providing service to Ricoh devices. Even today, this rich company profile proves to be an inherent element
of our business. It is constantly improved by putting the most emphasis on integration with managementsupporting
information systems and corporate work.
For over a dozen of years have we been one of a few key partners of ELO Digital Office – a partner company
providing professional digital archiving and document workflow solutions.
During consecutive years our team have established two entirely new departments – one for design and
another for complex security systems implementation. References granted to IDEE included installations of
complex access control systems, video and alarm surveillance and come from all across the country.
Starting in 2020 we have become a national partner to Dubai-based company Interel which provides the
highest-standard hotel automation systems. Not until the end of the incumbent year, will we be proud to
reveal several new references from world-class hotel chains.
The past 25 years of IDEE have been truly terrific.
Yet we remain constantly curious, always looking for new solutions. Always bearing in mind that there are
still countless opportunities to come…

DMS System - ELO

DMS System - ELO

ELO’s electronic archiving and document workflow system is perceived as one of the most recognisable
DMS systems in the world. Developed by ELO GmbH based in Stuttgart, Germany, the system is distributed
across all continents, with 32 language versions. It is a product that provides a great support to various
businesses and help manage organisational processes in both multinational corporations as well as in local

Dormakaba - electronic and physical access control systems

Dormakaba means over 100 years of experience in the development of complex security systems solutions.
The highest quality and technologically-advanced products have met with positive reviews and appraisal
from customers across the world. Dormakaba’s solid and firm position on the Polish market is strengthened
by numerous, successfully completed implementations in public, private and military sector.

Dormakaba - electronic and physical access control systems
Ricoh multifunction devices

Ricoh multifunction devices

Since 1995, IDEE sp. j. has been an official Ricoh reseller and service provider.


It is interel’s hotel automation system which provides guests with comfortable and intelligent air conditioning, lightening usage. The system is easily applicable to any other electrical devices. Its incredible customisation capabilities, together with high-ended operating panels, contribute to Interel’s strict worldwide leadership position across hotel automation distributors.



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Listen, understand and get bound by competence… Extraordinary individual project satisfaction, executed

by combining ideas while still extending standard system capabilities.


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